Hide 'Check for Updates'


As per our policy, we should disable the ‘Check for Updates’ option for all the software’s.
Could you please let us know how to hide the same.

Operating System : Windows 10
Audacity Version : 2.4.2

Earlier we received a zip file for doing the same.

The “Check for updates” menu command does not update Audacity. It only opens the user’s default web browser on this page:

Even if you disable the menu item, that does not prevent your employees from visiting https://www.audacityteam.org/download
If you wish to prevent your employees from visiting a site, you will need to disable access to that page for your employees. However, even that does not prevent your employees from accessing the page if they can access the Internet on their mobile phones.

To answer your question directly, Audacity no longer has the “simplified menus” option.
To remove “Check for Updates” from the Help menu you would need to build a custom version of Audacity.
To do that, find this section in “src/menus/HelpMenus.cpp” in the Audacity 2.4.2 source code:

         // DA: Does not fully support update checking.
         Command( wxT("Updates"), XXO("&Check for Updates..."),
            AlwaysEnabledFlag ),

and either delete it, or comment it out, then rebuild your custom version of Audacity.

Thanks For the quick response. We will check this option.

What exactly is your policy? Is it that your employees / users are not allowed to update installed software, or that they are not allowed to visit certain websites?

If it is that they are not allowed to update installed software, then Audacity’s menu item is irrelevant because it does not update the software.
Also, the correct way to prevent users from making changes to a computer operating system is to give them limited user accounts without administrative privileges.