hi, where to find .pdf copy of the manual? thanks

where to find .pdf copy of the manual?

I’m pretty sure there isn’t one. The closest is the manual that comes inside certain versions of the program download.

Audacity is not a massive corporation. It’s all volunteer and it’s all we can do to keep everything running and the on-line documentation accurate.

Are you volunteering to produce the PDF?


A PDF Manual would be tricky to produce from the online/bundled manual - as that is heavily based on hypertext (lots of embedded links) - hard to reproduce on paper or PDF.


Do we have a PDF version of the “Audacity Tour Guide” (the short user guide) yet? I believe that was a plan, but I don’t know if it has happened yet.

James started a Wiki thought-piece for PDF Manual a while back:

But I don’t think it ever came to fruition.


you can print in pdf all the pages that interest you or create with external programs the complete with all the links but I see it a little useless having the html manual locally

by SODA PDF (only first page)