Hi Resolution Audio recordings anyone?

Linux Mint 13 64 bit MATE
Hi Guys,
I have lots of problems with getting any hi res ( above 20kHz ) analog in and output in my system.
So is there anyone who successfully got hi res in and output and can record let say 50 kHz with audacity?


This did come up several times recently and I think the answer is the same. You can’t as a rule, force “audio cards” over 20 KHz. They all have to be able to handle 44100 sample rates and that means filters to prevent aliasing and distortion. The filters cut off at 20 KHz.

Y’all are really looking for instrumentation generators not talented audio cards.

I brought up a problem in another post. How are you going to make sure you get what the sound card is producing? Do you have test scopes wide band voltmeters and signal counters? Nobody can hear that. Average human hearing usually cuts off at around 15KHz.


Strictly speaking > 20 kHz is not “audio” it is “ultrasonic sound”.
Do you have a capture device that is capable of ultrasonic capture?