Hi, I have a problem.....

Hi I am trying to edit the song ‘Hero’ by Enrique Iglesias. I want to make the singer sound like a woman singing, something like Avril Lavrine, Celine Dion or Cascaded but when I change the pitch, it doesn’t sound right at all. What do I do? If you can help me, you would be a big help. Thanks in advanced. I forgot to mention that I am on Windows 7 starter.

We can help you stop trying.

We can’t make a voice sound like anything else. As you found, changing pitch isn’t the answer because the difference between voices isn’t just a pitch change. It’s acting more than anything else. Lauren Bacall’s voice was lower than Humphrey Bogart’s.

“You know how to whistle, don’t you, Steve? You just put your lips together and blow.”

A quick illustration: If my sister and I with my male bass voice say “ssss” we sound almost exactly the same. But when we start talking, there’s no question who is who. The pitch changer changes everything indiscriminately. I tried to do band pass management to get around that once and it was awful.

But I did play a woman’s part once with clever microphone technique – and acting the part.


The most you will achieve in Audacity by way of “gender change” is a small (two or three semitones) Change Pitch combined with Effect > Equalization to increase the high frequencies/ reduce the lower frequencies (for a male to female effect).

Professional gender change effects that change the vocal formants correctly with the pitch are very expensive.

You can try the Male > Female and Female > Male voice change effects in this standalone freeware Windows program:

Also look at http://www.screamingbee.com/product/MorphVOXJunior.aspx . The “Pro” version supports “packs” with a few set voice types ( http://www.screamingbee.com/product/FemaleVoices.aspx ).

Do not expect miracles.