hi guys, need help?

I exported sound from iMovie as mp3 and imported to Audacity.

Then, once I finished the changes I had to make, I exported the sound from Audacity as AIFF.

Then, I imported the AIFF audio to the movie clip on iMovie. Now, the audio and movie clip do not sync, but the audio seems SHORTER.

Not sure why it is shorter, but I did not change any sample rate at all in Audacity, yet it says on the lower right corner the actual rate being 44800, instead of 44100… So how do I fix this…?


Bad idea. MP3 is a “lossy” compressed format, which means that the encoding to MP3 format discards some data (to make the file size smaller), which reduces the sound quality. Also, MP3 always has a little “padding” at the beginning of the file, which will prevent correct synchronization.

If iMovie allows you to export as WAV, then do that.

What is “it”, and the “right corner” of what?