hey guys, has never happened to me before

window 10 , 2.4.2, was working on a song , many tracks, pieces added here and here, tried to mix into keeper, computer acted funny for a minute then the tracks page came back up and there was tracks with numbers that said dropout. all that i had added was gone, what happened? how did i cause that? and is there any way to get those tracks back? thanks james

computer acted funny for a minute then the tracks page came back up

So Audacity vanished for a second? Do you have up-to-date virus protection? Two reasons: it’s not unusual for some virus packages to interfere with Audacity writing to the cache or saving work. And it’s not unheard of to have two or more users on your machine.

Where did you get the last bunch of music from? Maybe the virus alarm was right.


In some edits, Audacity tries to save the whole show as UNDO. Do you have room for that? Will your large show fit in memory? Are you using cloud services actively?


Its one of those things i know i should do but never seem to want to do it, my lose, maybe i’ll play it better this time.

This isn’t your particular problem, but it’s a very New User error to record a podcast, edit it, polish it up, and then post it to the web all without ever saving the work. Any serious error or crash anywhere in the process and bang, they’re all the way back to performing it again.

That and forgetting how big projects can get. Audacity works internally with 32-bit floating data, not plain 16-bit, which means sound work can be massively larger during the edit than any of the original sound files, particularly if the editor started with MP3 or other compressed media. Multiple timelines and complex edits mean Audacity has to save the whole show multiple times to get the UNDO to work.

Audacity has to perform many of its filters and effects entirely in non-drive memory. It’s a terrific idea to keep as much memory free as possible. Close other apps including the on-line connections and processes.