Hey Advice for removing a sound please

Hey would anyone mind helping remove a sound from one of my sound files ?

The sound only has one channel and sounds like a metal against wood clicking sound.

So far I tried the ‘Click remover’ plugin and didn’t work. The best I can do is delete the small section of the graph that makes that sound… but it doesn’t blend very well.

How could I make this blend well so no one would notice ?



Have you tried the “Repair” effect?
BTW, which version of Audacity are you using?

Could try using “Repair” (in Audacity “Effect” menu) on the join where you have deleted the bit from the “graph” (a.k.a. waveform).

or if it’s a small click (less than 128 samples) just apply the Repair effect to the click.

Sorry Steve I didn’t see your post suggesting “Repair”, (I need new glasses :nerd: ).

No problem Trebor. If the clicks are too long for “Repair” then your suggestion of cutting out the click manually and then applying Repair to where the edit was made will do the trick.

It blends together much nicer now with “Repair” - Thanks guys