I’m always hesitant to post on a new forum since no I didn’t read every entry to see if I’m doubling up here. I am new with Audacity and am flirting with some other packages.
My question is marry Audacity or go with Audition. It’s not just the ‘free’ part that attracts me. More a matter of time invested. Obviously those on the forum are in the Audacity camp but did any of you come from Audition?

What really differentiates Audacity and Audition? Final product quality? Ease of use?

I have a Mac with 10.11.6…not High Sierra but I did load the latest Audacity 2.2.x.

Can you buy Audition? Adobe has found it desirable to rent licenses to their on-line-only product. That’s what Audition CC is. Creative Cloud.


I came from CoolEdit Pro, which later became Adobe Audition.
CoolEdit Pro was excellent software in its day, though it was Windows only (back in the day of Windows XP). It was very similar to Audacity in a lot of ways, but some cool additional features that Audacity did not have at that time (Audacity has come a long way since then, and in a lot of ways has overtaken what CoolEdit Pro had to offer).

The first version of Adobe Audition was virtually identical to the final version of CoolEdit Pro (just rebranded).
The second version of Adobe Audition was terrible (in my opinion). It was more like experimental “alpha” software. Clearly still based on CoolEdit Pro but with a load of semi-functional additional effects, semi-functional VST support, and a more “stylish” but awkward to use dark theme. At over $400 I was appalled, and certainly not about to pay another $400 for Audition 3.

Does not appear so. $20 per month to effectively “hire” it.

A trial version is apparently available from Adobe’s website, though the website just tells me:

This computer does not meet the minimum system requirements for Audition CC.
Please refer to the system requirements in the Help documentation for a full list of hardware and software requirements for Audition CC.

CoolEdit was Windows only.
I got mine when it first came out on CompuServe (gasp).