Here's an idea for quick timing correction

The link to where one can vote for a feature is down, so I hope it may be added from here.

I’m dreaming of a plugin that would show the timing of an audio track as a straight line that could be dragged up at points (like in the Envelope tool or equalizer) to increase speed, and dragged down to lower tempo, all without affecting pitch. Finished editing would make the line look like a sinoid pattern. Such a feature would make timing correction at certain places in a recording absolutely awesome!

Adding a quantizer would also save hours of time correcting a musician’s imperfect timing. Either or both of these tools would add a lot of prestige to Audacity.

That’s close to the time-track feature on Audacity, but that just affects speed, so alters pitch.

So maybe the idea of controlling tempo in this manner is not out of reach for some ambitious programmer. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Until an Envelope-style sliding time scale tool is available for efficiently adjusting the timing of a musician in the waveform (without altering pitch), the task will remain a loooooooong, tedious labor. Sigh!