I have a friend, who is 93 years old and he is a social scientist trying to record his years of knowledge. He is using Audacity, 1.2.6, to do this but he has forgotten how to use the program. What he needs is someone who will help him complete his journey. Now the rest of the problem, his hearing is going, he is losing his vision so he is a bit slow moving between the screens. He is self-taught and has a problem with people who have tried to help before, they talk to fast and use jargon that he is not familiar with which frustrates him. He has to write almost everything down so he can remember. The person who can help him must have the patience of a saint and the communication skills to go along with that. Remember he was already in his mid-fifties when IBM introduced its’ 701 mainframe, 1kb of ram. The last part is that he is poor; he lives below poverty level so he cannot pay for help. Is there anyone who would like to assist him? Mostly it will be an occasional thing by phone when he forgets?

You may be the best person :open_mouth:
If you don’t yet know how to use Audacity 1.2.6, download it at go through some of the tutorials
Audacity 1.2.6 is pretty easy, so you’ll become an expert in no time.