Ok heres the deal. For some reason I cant hear my guitar when Im recording. When I playback what I recorded, I can hear it fine. I’ve checked all my mic settings as far as volume and they are up as high as they will go. Like I said, playback is completely fine. Its not being able to hear while I record. Should I be wearing headphones? Or is there a setting that Im not finding? If someone could help me it would be awesome.

Try this thread: --Allen

<<<Should I be wearing headphones?>>>

Generally, yes. Say you recorded a drum and scratch track that you then want to play back and sing to. The microphone is going to pick up the original scratch track in the background in addition to your voice. If all you do is play a guitar, for example, then headphones aren’t necessary, but don’t blast the scratch track. The guitar strings will pick it up and it will get recorded twice.