Windows 10 Version 2.2.2

Hello folks. I am brand new to this. I have successfully been able to connect my cassette player to my computer, monitor the music coming through, and past that I am totally lost. I have read and re read the tutorials, the helps and the tips, and am still getting nowhere. I can see this is a wonderful piece of work, and am certainly willing to donate to the cause.
I need help getting past the part that I can hear music coming through, as in seeing the music input on the Audacity screen etc. Some of the words and terms are over my 60 year old head.

I look forward to hearing back at the earliest convenience of someone that can help this lost person.

Thank you

You didn’t say how the cassette player is connected to the computer. But if you are hearing it through Audacity and you’re seeing the meters move, simply click the round-red record button. Then after you click Stop, you can save the Audacity project or export to a WAV or MP3 file, etc.

What are you trying to do? Make MP3s, burn a CD? Etc.?

Thank you for responding. I have the cassette player connected to my computer with a 3.5 mm cord. Plugged into the aux out on the cassette player and into the correct port on the back of the computer. I have been able to watch the meters move, can hear the sound back through my sound system for my computer, and have pushed the red button to record. I then found the file, right clicked on it, followed the directions to Burn CD, which I followed. Had a brand new Verbatim CD-R writable CD in the drive. When the burn was finished, the CD ejected. I thought I could either playback the same CD on my computer with a media player, or even on my cassette player that also has a CD player included. Put the CD in the player, pushed play, and nothing.

I am in the process of trying to preserve numerous old cassettes and burn them to CDs, both for myself and a friend of mine.

Thank you again.