My audio files are not playing. I’m not sure why-- we checked the system versions and it plays fine on a Mac. Will it not play on a PC?

How does Audacity fit into the picture??? Are you saying that you can’t play any files with Audacity on the PC? Or are you saying that files you make with Audacity on the Mac won’t play at all (with any application) on the PC?

Note that an AUP file does not contain audio. If you want to make a file on the MAC and play it on the PC, export your file as WAV, or MP3, etc.

Yes, I’m sorry: the imported audio is not recognized by Audacity.

Sounds like you need to add something called FFmpeg to Audacity so it can recognise the format of the audio file you are trying to import, see …

My audio files are not playing.

If that still doesn’t do it, you need to start filling in the holes. Where did you get these files?

I think it’s still true that Windows will not play Mac AIFF files and Macs have no idea what to do with a Windows Media file.



Thank you. My file says .aup, and I am attempting to convert the file to work on my Windows laptop and desktop. The file we were originally trying to change was an .aiff file.

Modern versions of Windows can play AIFF files written on Mac. Perhaps Windows XP cannot.

That is still true. You have to convert WMA files. On Windows, iTunes will offer to convert WMA to MP3 when you import the WMA, but iTunes on Mac does not do that.


The AUP on its own is not enough. You need to bring across the AUP file and the _data folder of the same name as the AUP from the other computer. Before you do that, you have to do File > Check Dependencies on the other computer and if there are dependencies, copy in the audio files.

When you have done that, File > Open the AUP on your current machine, not drag it in or File > Import it.