I’ve got a cordless phone (Panasonic KX-TG2303) & I was wondering if you could help me with copying voicemail messages on it onto my computer utilizing Audacity 2.0 Software (see for more info) through the phones headset jack.

I have Audacity 2.0 & Windows 7

You might be able to connect the headset socket to your computer, but we know nothing about how the headset is wired.

4-D Optional Headset
To remove the shoulder rest attachment
Slide the base of the attachment in the direction of the arrow as shown below.

Connecting an optional headset to the handset allows hands-free phone conversation. Please use only a Panasonic KX-TCA86, KX-TCA91, or KX-TCA92 headset.

Connecting an optional headset
Open the headset jack cover, and insert the headset plug into the headset jack as shown below.

It seems to suggest they use a special plug in the handset to connect the headset. Once you figure that out, you might be able to connect the Line-In of your computer. If all you have is the Mic-In, you might be able to use that, but many people can’t.

Contact the company see if they have a special cable to do this. That might save a lot of headaches and trips to Radio Shack.


Thanx for the reply, but again, all I wish to do is copy the voice-mail msgs on the phone onto my Win 7 pc. I do have a cable that goes from the headset jack on the phone to the mic jack on the pc & using Audacity, it appears to work (as the signal bar indicator on Audacity fluctuates when I push record), but I can’t hear anything when I play it back.

When you record, do you get a wiggly blue waveform display as shown on this page: