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Can I use a regular cordless phone (not an Iphone)to record messages onto my pc?

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You may be better served with the built-in microphone on your laptop than trying to use a cordless phone as a microphone. Phones tend to have ratty microphones and they pick up a lot of noise because of the wireless connection.

That and there’s no good direct way to connect the two together.

Is there a specific reason you wanted to use your phone? Or just because you had it.


An mp3 player which also records would be a cheaper and more reliable solution for a mobile (covert?) recording device than a radio link via mobile phone, (with better sound quality than a phone too). You subsequently attach the device to the computer’s USB socket and download the audio recording, (no unreliable radio link).

[ some mobile phones, not just iphones, also have the ability to function as voice recorders ]