I have been trying to use audicity for a few weeks now and noone can seem to tell me how. I sing alot of karaoke tracks that I purchase in person in actual stores at the mall and so forth. I rip them into my Windows Media Player. Now I am trying to import them to audicity to edit them because some are to long and I would like to cut out the dead space. I was told to install the FFmpeg file and I did. Now when I import a song into audicity and try to play it, It goes all of about 1/2 sec and stops. It’s like it just goes from start to finish in that short a time. I don’t know where else to turn. I love the program but just cannot figure it out. Sorry to keep bothering you all with this but is there anywhere else I can get technical support? Just new to this and wondering how to use it. Thanks and God bless.


Do they play correctly in Windows Media Player?
How exactly did you “rip” them?
What format are the tracks now?

I rip them into my Windows Media Player

What format? do they import into Audacity properly. meaning does it look like a good form?

I rip the tracks into windows media player, they show as wma

Turn off the option in Media Player at Tools > Options: Rip Music to “copy protect music”. Don’t rip to WMA lossless. Audacity cannot import copy protected or WMA lossless files.

If you have ripped to WMA lossless you can use this tool to convert the WMA lossless files to WAV: .