I am often on a Clan TS3, and i am wondering how i can play a track i have on MP3, on my computer, someone said Audacity works, but can someone help me how it can work!

I’m guessing that’s a SmartPhone® although Google isn’t much help. Typically you need music management, player software, and a transmission system to get the music onto the phone. I understand (from an earlier life) that DropBox® can do this, at least on iPhones. In concept I would produce music in Los Angeles and place it on DropBox and my sister in Schenectady would download it onto her DropBox license and play it on her iPhone.

So that’s one pathway. I don’t believe there is an Audacity for SmartPhones.


Oh no, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:
I mean .mp3 format on the music :slight_smile:

I don’t understand your question.
Do you just want to play an MP3 file on your computer? Windows Media Player can do that.

I think they want to do it on the phone. The music is on the computer already, but I could be mistaken.