I want to start making demos at my house and i need help on the steps to take so that i can produce good quality songs, you can start by telling me all the equipments i will need :unamused: well not the pc offcourse.

Wow. Was that a command? :wink:

It depends on what kind of music you want to make, what kind of instruments you’ll be playing, and whether or not you’re recording by yourself or with others. Let us know what you want to make and we’ll help you from there.

I’ve done demos using Logic Fun, a free midi sequencer, where you can build the midi music using a piano roll thing, a music score or by recording with a midi keyboard. When the instrumental part is ready, I’ve recorded the midi into Audacity as internal D/A recording, that is, set Audacity to record from internal sounds and set the midi file to play. After that I’ve recorded the voclas on separate tracks in Audacity. Then some mixing with Audacity and the demo is ready.

Of course, the more you play with real instruments, the better it might sound. Usually the mic input is crappy on any computer, except maybe on Macintosh, where it usually requires some kind of preamp. Windows laptops tend to have only mic input, while desktops might have stereo line in, which is always better. But line in requires some preamplification, like a mixer. I use Griffins iMic, both on Windows machines and Macs, for microphone input.

I want to understand how to mimic the simultaneous multi trak capability of the typical Fostex and Tascam…simple 4 in puts each on its own trak, recoding simultaneously…what is the simplest method of in putting 4 tracks at a time, on this software program? My synthesizer keybaord has USB, but we also have live sax and drums.




You need an audio device with 4 inputs. Most professional quality sound cards will give you more than 2 inputs (mine gives me 8). Alternately, your keyboard might. Does your keyboard have 4 outputs?

If the hardware doesn’t support it, then there’s nothing the software can do about it.