Help with Windows 8, Roland TD-10

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I am using windows 8, Roland TD-10 drum brain. I have a MIDI to USB cable but windows isn’t letting my USB device record into Audacity. Has anyone experienced this issue?

Thanks in advance

Audacity does not record MIDI (see;

Thanks Steve!

I can run out through the 1\4 inch jacks into a converter to usb. Can I record drum tracks and send them to my friend in another state so he can open them and add bass and guitar tracks and send them back to me? That is the ultimate goal.

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Totally. I use a Behringer UCA-202 between my stereo sound mixer and my machine. I own two. Both work very well. In my particular case, I have my keyboard headphone output jacked into my sound system. The keyboard has no formal line-out.

That also happens to be one of the devices I certified for overdubbing/sound-on-sound recording.

It’s a little rough to set up the first time, but overdubbing does work and it works over many tracks given your computer is powerful enough to handle it. Remember, the machine has to maintain perfect recording and perfect multi-track playback in real time.

The only magic part of this is hearing yourself. As in that illustration, I have my headphones jacked into the interface device not the computer. The computer sound is always going to be late with an echo.

And no, I don’t recommend earbuds for mixing. I happen to have the camera and the earbuds at the same time.


Also, I can see this on the horizon. Audacity doesn’t save sound files. You have to Export to get a real sound file. Audacity does save Projects. The AUP file is a Project Manager. It tells Audacity what to do with all that stuff in the _DATA folder which is where the show actually is. You can send a Project to someone, but you have to send both pieces and they have to live in the same place or folder. Never rename a project. Open it and make a new one with a new name.


Thanks KOZ,
Here is a pic of my current work station.
I bought these vdrums in the hope to play my parts. I usually play acoustic drums and piano and most brass horns. I have been hired to lay drum tracks in very nice studios by great engineers that have very expensive equipment. I have become familiar with Audacity’s functions and I love the open source. It is a great way for musicians to get their ideas together and produce it.

I am learning and thanks for the advice.

I am now looking at this:
just for home use. Sorry the pics are so large, like I said I am just a drummer


Why do you want the mixer? You can do overdubbing with almost no equipment. That’s what’s so cool about it.