Help with vocal recording

Hi there!

I’m trying to start out recording cover vocals, I’ve got all my equipment, I just have 1 main problem:
How do I ensure the whole vocal piece is approximately the same volume? I raised my voice and even shout to achieve the effects needed sometimes
but this makes the vocal track feel imbalanced, I’m almost a complete amateur at music technology but would this be when I would need to use equalisation?

Just hoping someone can point me in the right direction, thank you!!!

I raised my voice and even shout to achieve the effects needed sometimes

Don’t raise your voice or shout. The grownups have vocal tricks where they change the stress in their voices to simulate shouting and so on. One of the recent posters wanted to know the best way to speak a gunshot blast in her script. I don’t know. But I know that bellowing at the top of your voice isn’t the answer. Once the sound channel overloads and your voice gets rough and crunchy, that’s the end of that segment. It’s garbage. There’s no fix for that.


I hope you have mono versions of your voice. Some of these tools don’t work well in stereo.

You can try the limiter effect.

I have pre-production version here you can try. Attached-2 “limiter.ny.”

Put that in your Audacity Plugins folder and restart or start Audacity. If you have trouble with it, I can make a zip archive version.

Open an out-of-control chapter. Select the whole thing by clicking just above MUTE to the left of the track. Effect > Amplify > OK. Don’t change any settings.

Effect > Limiter (toward the bottom of the stack) according to the attached settings.

That’s going to reduce the loudness of everything, but the super high, loud peaks much more than everything else.

You need to adjust from there to the show volume. If you’re using ACX Audiobook standards, you can use:

Select the whole track by clicking just above MUTE.
Effect > Normalize: [X]Remove DC, [X]Normalize to -3.2 > OK

limiter.ny (1.52 KB)
Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 21.21.25.png

Its mainly for the genre of music (pop punk, hard rock, metalcore)

thank you very much for the solutions!!

Use a suitable mic. A SM58 or similar will work well for pop punk, hard rock, metalcore.
Set your recording levels for your loudest vocal so as to ensure that the recording does not clip (distort). Quiet audio can be amplified but badly clipped audio cannot be fixed.

“Work the mic”. When you get loud, back off from the mic a bit. On quiet vocals, get really close (lips touching the mic).

Use a compressor effect to even out the levels as necessary.