Help with USB mic issues

Hey guys!

Bit of a newb here, trying to get things working with my USB mic on Audacity…

U have come to grips with the fact that my mic is going to have 1 second latency no matter what I do, but I want to know how to record without my mic coming through the headphones and just the beat(so the latency doesn’t throw me off, I can adjust the timing after recording) , the USB mic level seams to be there even with no programs open so am finding this a bit of a challenge…

My friend suggested switching off “software playthrough” in "Edit > Preferences > Audio I/O BUT there is no “Audio” section under my preferences???

HELP!!! This problem is driving me crazy!!!

Audacity Preferences.

Edit > Preferences > Recording > [ ] Playthrough (de-select).

You can do overdubbing and sound-on-sound just fine with almost any computer, but you can’t listen to the computer. You have to listen to the sound device or microphone.

The three hardware devices we reviewed all provide headphone services for mixed monitoring – theatrically perfect overdubbing.