Help with tracks for a hypnosis audio

I’m making a relaxation hypnosis audio, and want to be able to do two things

  1. split tracks, meaning a separate track for each ear, running at the same time. I know it will sound confusing, but it works well in hypnosis.

  2. Is there a way to make one such track go from ear to the other? A single mono track, that starts in the left ear and then kind of swoops over to the right and maybe back again? Sorry for the high-tech jargon! :laughing:

Thanks so much!

Create a stereo track of the basic show. Then, using the drop-down menus on the left, Split Stereo Track.

After that, you can apply the Envelope Tool (two white arrows and bent blue line) to each track individually.

When you get the affect you want, use the same drop-down menu and Make Stereo Track. Export as normal.


Thank you so much! I appreciate your help

As if the sound source was rotating around your head ? , there’s a plugin for that, see …