Help with taking lyrics out of a song

I am working on a project and am needing a song to have all it’s lyrics taken out and still sound all right.
The song is “Selene” by Imagine Dragons
I have tried before but could not work it out, could any one please help me and do it.

Thanks a heap it advance

P.S can put a download to the song if needed.

Effect > Vocal Removal works better than I thought it was going to. The lead male voice pretty much vanishes. Unfortunately, so does the bass line, some guitars and most of the drums.

Vocal Removal is what everybody wants it to do. What it really does is cancel any music in the left-right stereo center of the show. Almost always that’s the lead singer, but it’s also almost always the drums and bass. So, no I don’t think we’re going to get there with the standard Audacity tools.

You can Google for an Karaoke version of the song.


Setting up a low-cut point (at about 120 Hz) preserves some of the drums and bass.
Here’s an excerpt, made with my stereo toolkit.
It begins with the original, followed by the center removed. The bass comes nice on the on-take.
The second bar, where the background singers are heard (btw, this can’t be removed) is overlayed by additional drums (mainly kick and snare).
This drum track is afterwards played separately. Note that there are some vocal artefacts in it. Those have to be eliminated manually or replaced by a “clean” kick.
One could for example use the sound finder on this track to produce labels and to move from one onset to the next.

Do you know where abouts I could find this, Igoogled it but couldn’t find anything

There may not be one. Finding a karaoke version is usually more successful than trying to patch up a mixed version of the song. Vocal Removal and Noise Removal are the two tools that sound like a good idea until you try to use them.