Help with Stereo Output

I’m having trouble with my stereo sound going into Audacity but my output coming out Audacity is mono, love the tool but I can not get my finished projects to record stereo and play the finished product “wav” to stereo…I always input stereo and always end up with mono…help?

No enough information.

Which version of Audacity? (look in “Help menu > About Audacity”).
What are you recording from?
Do you see a two channel track when you record?
What settings do you use in the device toolbar?
How are you listening to playback?

but my output coming out Audacity is mono,

And… What does that mean?

True mono is one track and will show as one waveform (and one track) in Audacity. True mono will play out of both speakers.

It’s also possible to have a “dual mono” file with the same sound duplicated in left & right.

Or you could have sound in the left or right and silence in the other channel (usually a problem!). That will show two tracks in Audacity but one channel will be a flat line.

Note that a single microphone or a single guitar, etc., is a mono source. (Unless you happen to have a stereo microphone.)