Help With Settings [SOLVED]

I am trying to use EZCap USB Cassette Capture to transfer tapes to my computer. I’m sure this question has been answered but I’m really having trouble using the audacity software. Would someone please take me step by step as to how I need to configure audacity. I’m using Windows 8.1 and Audacity 2.0.6.
I hate to be an idiot and take up time and space on this forum but I’m an 80 year old newbie who will be very grateful for your help.

There is a guide for that here:
In particular I think the “Setup” section will be helpful:

Thank you for your response. I am now able to download a tape. However, in doing so, the wave length indicator was a flat line and when I tried to replay the tape on my computer, I could barely hear it even when I set the volume to its highest level. I hope this makes some sense to you. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

To be clear, are you saying that when you turned the volume full up, you could hear the recording - the problem being that the recording is just too quiet?

If so, look in the Windows Sound Control Panel and check that the recording level for the USB device is turned up in the Recording tab.

With the sound control full-up, I could hear the sound but not well. I went to the sound control panel and it showed the recording device as “Microphone Array 2-USB PnP audio device”. There was no way to set it higher on that page so I went to Properties and set the level at 100%. Still not getting good sound.
The wave bar on audacity is nearly flat. Is there any setting on Audacity that I could be missing. Some sort of input level or recording level there.
I tryly appreciate your help.

Open Device Toolbar and make sure you are choosing the “Microphone Array 2-USB PnP audio device” as the recording device.

Audacity also has a recording volume slider (by the mic symbol) in Mixer Toolbar:

That will probably already be on maximum or greyed out, but check it.

If your computer has a separate (blue) audio line-in, you can connect from the headphones out of the cassette deck into the line-in, then choose line-in as the recording device in Audacity.


Success! Thanks for all of your help.