Help with sending files!

So, I am curious, how can I send a file via email?
X I created my own track.
X Want to send to a friend who has same version and windows computer as me
X Friend wants to edit/Add what I have already done

Problem is, when I sent the file to him it wouldn’t open up.
My goal is to not make my file and MP3 or WAV yet, but to send him the file itself so he can open it and edit it.
Any suggestions?

You can send an Audacity Project by including the AUP file and the _DATA folder. The AUP file is the Audacity instructions what to do with everything inside the _DATA folder.

When you play the Project, both the file and the folder have to be in the same place, location, or folder.

You can still mess this up if you included somebody else’s music files in your show, like in a mash-up. You have to make a stand-alone Project, not dependent on other music files.