Help with removing music from a video

I’m wondering if there is a way for me to remove a song that includes vocals from a video? The video gets a copyright strike on youtube, so I want to remove the song so the video can be uploaded. I’ve tried aligning the song and the audio from the video, and the inverting the song, but it did absolutely nothing. I am completely stuck here. :frowning:

It seemed to do absolutely nothing. Cancellation only works when the two pieces are absolutely, perfectly lined up opposite each other. So your two tools to go are Time Shift Tool (two sideways black arrows) and the volume slider to the left of the track.

Jockey your brains out.

If either of the two sound clips is compressed; one of them, say is an MP3, you’re dead. Compression technologies all change the sound a little and a little is all it takes to mess up cancellation.


Are you talking in the video or you have other sounds you want to keep? If not, why not just overwrite the audio with something legal?


Yep, I did try that, it didn’t exactly work. It probably is because of compression then.

Because I want to keep the commentary that is in the video. It was taken from a twitch stream and the streamer wanted to upload it as a highlight on his youtube channel.

You could then presumably try YouTube’s own system but I don’t know what methods they use, if not inversion.