Help with removing background hum

I am new to audio editting and have spent a while trying to get rid of the background hum in this recording. It seems it is not “electrical” 50Hz or 60Hz, tried Nyquist for that, also tried the standard equalizers, improved but still not audible. Any help in identifying the freq of the hum and how to remove would be greatly appreciated.

That’s not “background hum.” That’s 98% trash with a touch here and there of performance. The tools work best when they’re not needed – like a clear understandable show haunted by gentle overlay of hum. Noise Removal works by sampling the trash in a portion of the show with no voice. Since we can’t tell where those areas are, that’s the end of the tool.

I don’t think we can do anything for you. Koz

Another problem with that clip is much of the trash seems to be compression artifacts – the gargling and honking sounds. Those are permanent. Koz

Okay thanks, I posted as a last resort, I realise the recording is rubbish and tools like this can only do so much; just wanted to be sure I was not missing anything obvious and to my amateur ear I thought it maybe something akin to “electrical hum” I had seen mentioned in the forums. Sorry for wasting your time