Help with reducing sound whilst recording


When recording I get very much disturbance which did not happen before.
Even before pressing Play on the tape recorder just by pressing Record I can see the green graphs already moving, I don’t think this is normal.
Any advice much appreciated.

How are you connected? Typically, you should connect the line-level or headphone-level output of the tape machine to line-in on a regular soundcard. The microphone input is too sensitive. If you have a laptop with no line-in you’ll need an external USB interface. Or, there are a few cassette players with USB connections.

Make sure you’ve selected the correct input (whatever connection you have) as your [u]Recording Device[/u]. Do NOT choose “loopback” or “stereo mix”. These can create a feedback loop.


Thank you very much for your reply.
The machine I am using is ION TAPE2PC Dual Cassette Deck connected through USB cable to a Thinkpad laptop.
I keep it on MME and the bar near the microphone I keep it to 0.1 but still there is interference.
I don’t think this used to happen before. I think it happens on mono and stereo.
You say do not choose loopback, how can I do that please?

May I ask you whilst I am on the subject if you know of a machine that is of better quality and is fast in recording cassettes to pc. With this machine 45 mins takes 45 mins and 90 takes 90. I have hundreds of cassettes and I prefer to do each in just a few minutes each.
I hope you understand.
Thank you once again for your help.