help with reducing background noise

I am using version 2.0.3, Windows 7. Trying to listen to two people. person closest to recorder is easy to hear. the second one is farther away from the recorder and hard to hear. i need to decipher what he is saying. also, there is a lot of car noise in the background. i may be posting this twice. if so, i apologize. not sure if the first one posted. any help is appreciated:) how can i reduce the background noise and if possible, increase the second person that is farther away? thank you:)

It’s OK. The forum is moderated and your post will not appear until one of the elves determines that you’re not trying to sell us car insurance.

You should be thinking about what you would do if the show is unrecoverable because it probably is. This isn’t simple noise reduction. You are trying to remix the “instruments” in a mixed performance. “Can I make the violins louder…”

Select some portion of the show that’s typical of the problem and post it here. You can probably use very high quality MP3 for this post and send several seconds worth.

We’re not big on forensics. We can’t pull an actionable performance out of noise like they can on CSI.


Thanks for replying, Koz. I am doing law enforcement transcription and am not allowed to send it. I’m such a computer dummy, I probably wouldn’t know how to send it to you anyway:( But I do appreciate your time. Susan:)