Help with recording using mixtrack pro

Followed instructions for setting up both ways…Unfortunately no success. :frowning:
I noticed I don’t have the same options for input as the one with the instructions…
On mine I can set input to… Speakers (mixtrack pro
speakers (realtek high…
On the instructions it says set input to front/rear line in…
I’m at lost!
If that’s as far as you can take me then I appreciate & thank you very much for your help.

Looking at the “audio device info” that you posted, Audacity cannot find a “Line” input. That may be because your computer does not have one )quite common on laptops) or it could be that you have one but it is disabled and hidden in the Windows Sound Control Panel.

Did you say your computer was a laptop?

A radically different approach - you could try using Mixxx instead of Serato:
Mixxx is free and open source:

Thanks for link Steve.
Yes it is a laptop & only has a headphone/line out socket. Could that be it?
There isn’t a line out in the sound control panel to enable in the windows control panel either. Would downloading a virtual cable make any difference do you think?
I’ve downloaded Mixx & can not get mixpro to work!!
Not having much luck :confused: