Help with Recording of LP. Sound.mp3&vfl=Warbbeling Sound.mp3&disposition=attachment
(copy entire string and open in Explorer or Firefox to listen to recording sample)

Just bought Audio-Technica PL120 and have it looked up to computer via Line-in. Above is the recording my son asked for off the old 1977 LP soundtrack for Star Wars. The sound is hollow, warbbeling, tinny, . . . not sure exactly how to describe it. Sound card is Realtek High Definition Audio. Have updated driver.

What can I do in Audacity to correct this? If you need more info. in order to answer this, please let me know.



Have you turnedon the pre-Amp that is built in to your Audio-Technica PL120?

From reading this review: - it seems that you have the option to have the preamp on or off, With it off you would need to connect to the phono input of an amp/receiver - with it turned on you can connect to the line-in of an amp - or the line-in on a PC.

Basically you need the pre-amp to apply the necessary RIAA equalization - when records are recorded/mastered the engineers de-emphasize the bass (so that the stylus/cartridge does not over-travel and jump on heavy bass and sudden sounds) - so on replay this equalization must be re-applied.


Thanks, WC, for the reply.

Yes, I turned on the preamp, but may try playing with the bass to see if that makes a difference. Any other suggestions are appreciated.



a couple of thoughts:

  1. I recall from reading the forum in the past few months that several people report having problems with onboard Realtek soundcards. You may want to consider getting an external USB soundcard (consider the Behringer UCA202 or the Edirol UA-1EX). Also have a SEARCH if the forum for “Realtek” and see what that throws up for you.

  2. You could try playing with the equalization effect in Audacity after recording to lift the bass - you may want to try 1.3.5 for this, the interface is much improved over 1.2.


Thank you, Sir. I’ll look into both! I’ll keep ya posted.

All the best.