Help with recording LIVE show from soundboard

First time user of audacity. I host a live radio show but do not run the soundboard. I plugged in my pc laptop to the volume control box which is plugged into soundboard but all it recorded was the sounds in the room, not the show running from the board. I know this probably doesn’t make sense. I think it has somethign to do with the settings at the top of the Audactiy screen page where it says MME, etc. Help.

From your description, you recorded the laptop built-in microphone. You probably don’t need any more urging, but this is why you listen to the recording machine on headphones before you commit to an hour show. That’s the Sound Test.

volume control box

It’s good to know what that is. In detail. Part numbers. If it’s a USB device, then yes, you should have set Audacity to record from that. This is where you ooze away from me. I’m not a Windows elf.

This should have information about connecting “A Device” to your computer. Sub The Volume Control Device for, say,a cassette machine.

You can do a scratch test on the microphones to see which ones are active. Slate them as you go if you’re by yourself. "Host Microphone scritch scritch, scritch, Guest… etc.’


Next to the microphone icon on the upper left of Audacity is the input source, I used line in when I had my Acer laptop because that laptop had a line in and not only a microphone jack. My current HP laptop does not have a line in so I have to use a USB interface and use the line in of that device. I don’t know what is MME but that remains as is on my computer. I am not familiar with live show equipment but I am guessing the line out on the sound board has 1/4 inch TRS jacks for stereo. I like RCA jacks. I hope I eased you mind because things like this makes me worry.

If your device is a Behringer UCA-202 (They’re terrific, I have two), the Audacity device will say “USB AUDIO CODEC.” It won’t say “Behringer.” No idea why.

Connect the USB Device and then start or restart Audacity. Audacity checks for new devices when it starts.

That closer?