help with recording drums

ive got 4 mics and a 4 track mixer and id like to record some drums using audacity, ive micd bass snare and 2 toms, the cymbals get pickep up too and im having a bit of trouble in audacity.

when i record, all 4 channels are recorded into one audio track in audacity, ideally id like them all seperated so that i can add reverb to only the snare, i dont mind eqing and setting the levels on the desk but id really like them as 4 seperate tracks instead of the single one im getting now, anyone know how i can do this?

Audacity can record up to 16 channels, but it depends totally on the computer’s sound card to get those channels in and out of the machine. To get 4 separate tracks, you have to have 4 inputs on the sound card, and the card has to work happily wilth Audacity. There are very few reports of users successfully recording more than two channels.

One workaround, if your mixer has stereo line-out, would be to pan the snare mic completely to the left output and the others completely to the right. Record as a stereo track. Then, in Audacity, you can separate that stereo track into two mono tracks, add the effects to the snare and render the two of them to a single mono track.

It won’t be perfect, because you are almost certain to get bleed-through from the snare to the other channel and vice versa, and it won’t work at all if you have a mono mixer, but it may be worth a try.