Help with Radiodj and Audacity

I am trying to use audacity to record my podcast that I am going to be using Radiodj software with. I have found that Audacity will record all the audio that comes through my mic but it will not pick up any of the sound that is being output by Radiodj. do you have any suggestions? I have been using Audacity for several months and have had no problems with it but it did not give me the flexablity to add in clips and sounds on the fly that is why I also got Radiodj to give me that ability.

any help will be appreciated.

Redd Mavrick

Oh I am running windows vista, factory sound card, and a Lexicon Lambda for the mixer.

This is where you do the playback production and mixing on the second computer and use the first one to record the composite show. You might be able to do something like what you want by recording Stereo Mix instead of just one Sound Device, but managing something like that would be a nightmare.

You would not be able to separate the RadioDJ production playback to the mixer from the composite, mixed show coming back.

Oh, and many Vista machines do not support Stereo-Mix.

I made that leap, there. You are using the computer playback to integrate sound effects into the mixer and then on to the show, right? The mixer provides a USB connection and that’s where the mixed show is, right?

You might be able to set the Audacity Device Toolbar to just record the Lambda USB show and that would do it.


I have used audacity for about 6 months to do my show. It works great for just straight forward recording. I was looking for a “free software” that I would be able to do more of an on the fly show with out having to cut and past in the middle of recording to add in sound bits. If some one can suggest another software that might work better it would help. Or do you think that I would be better off using two separate computers on for the show and one to record?

I think I follow your question. I will try to explain my set up so that I can try and give a mental picture of what is going on.

I am running my mics and headphones through the Lexicon usb device. I run that to a usb port in the back of my computer. On my computer I am running windows vista. I have been recording with Audacity for 6+ months with no problem. But I started running in to issues when I wanted to add in sound bits on the fly so that I did not have to stop recording cut and past on Audacity. So I started looking for a Radio automation/animation software that would let me put in music and sound bits on a hot key so that I could just click and play and have it come up when I wanted it to. So I found RadioDj and it gives me that ability to do all the things I wanted but I can not seem to find a way to record the audio that is being put out by Radiodj on to Audacity. I have looked at places that I would know where to look for find a path the will let me direct the audio from Radiodj to audacity. So now I am stuck and unfortunatly I am not the most computer literate person so a lot of the tech talk is a little over my head.

Dose this help clarify the issue? Thank you for your help thus far I hope to get this all solved so I can get back to making my show.

a Radio automation/animation software that would let me put in music and sound bits on a hot key so that I could just click and play and have it come up when I wanted it to.

Come up where? Where does the sound come from when you press the hot key? Are you listening to the mixer with your headphones when you do the show? Are you listening to the computer when you do the show?

You see I’m still missing a complete picture of how you’re creating the show – or it would be a show if you could record it.

Forget the software for a minute. Where are the headphones plugged in when you do a straight show?


My intrepetation of where you are at and what you are trying to achieve is as follows:

  • you can successfully record everything you want (except the RadioDJ bits) into Audacity. No problems. Is that correct?
  • you can successfully set up everything you want in RadioDJ and hear those on playback through your speakers/headphones. No problems. Is that correct?
  • you now want to be able to play your Audacity mix and inject the RadioDj items at points of your choosing. Is that correct?

If my understanding is correct then I would suggest you try activating “Stereo Mix” or whatever it is called on your sound card so that you can record the RadioDJ clips into Audacity. Once you have got them, and have saved them as WAV files, you can File Import Audio them into your main mix project and position them where you want by using the Timeshift tool. The following links might be useful.
Recording streaming audio -
Tool bar -

My head phone are pluged in to my Lexicon Omega Studio Bundle USB Audio Interface which allow me to run more then one mic.

The audio plays through my head phones. When I say have it come up I mean to be able to play the sound bits on the fly so that I do not have to stop cut and paste in the sound bit and then continue recording.

Does that help answer your question?

  1. yes
  2. yes (only exception is some lag/delay in the playback)
  3. Yes ( Mainly I want to beable to just hit record and use Radiodj to do the show and record it with Audacity)

I will take a look at those to pages and see if the will help. I will also take a look at my sound card setting and see if I can change them. My main goal is to be able to do as little post editing as possible. I am trying do as close to live recorded show as possible I just think it will give a better flow to the show.