Help with quality of recording

So I am a very, very, very new audacity user. I have audacity 2.1.2 and I am records on a Window 8 machine, exporting it and editing it on a Windows 7 machine. I installed from the .exe file.

Now that all the required stuff is out of the way I need some help. I am recording someone speaking and I have not yet gotten an over the ear microphone so they are using a stand microphone. This is the 3rd recording I have done with the same microphone and same speaker. The first 2 recordings were great with no problems. The 3rd recording has areas where it is hard to hear and then areas where it is fine. Is this just the microphone and the speaker or is there anyway to improve the areas that are quieter.

Thanks in advance for the help.

You can adjust the volume of sections manually with Audacity’s envelope tool

Or use Dynamic Range Compression, aka compressor, which automatically evens-out the volume level.