Help with plug in for acx

Hello I am a novice to the software and running an old computer and need someone to walk me through the steps of getting a plug in to work for acx to help pass submissions. I found the acx plug in on the wiki page. However when I downloaded it it wouldn’t open anything but a text document and I searched the forums but got extremely overwhelmed and confused about how to make it work as I don’t know much about computers at all. Or this mac; which someone gave to me to do recordings on and artwork. It is El Capitan OS 10.11 MacBook Pro and I have the latest version of Audacity I believe as I just (downloaded it recently 3.0.3 I think) . Thank you in advance -FT

“ACX Check” is a “Nyquist plug-in”.
Installation instructions for macOS are here:

ACX Check won’t get you past audiobook acceptance. ACX Check will just tell you if your work passed or not. Amazon/ACX has an on-line version of the same thing. It’s their ACX Audiolab.

They will tell you things like: “It’s not loud enough.” It’s up to you to figure out what’s wrong, fix it, and do it without breaking anything else.

You may be starting a little early in the process. ACX has a couple of non-sound restrictions. I need to be able to buy your book right now on Amazon either as eBook or in paper.

You can’t read a cookbook either, or anything else on this list (scroll down).

Still OK? How long did it take you to write it and get published?


Thank you I think the NyQuist manager will help I will try this; I haven’t submitted anything to acx yet I am new at voice acting and I’m helping my father and I have another income source… I am a thorough researcher and found out I could look at the recordings for quality before submissions. I appreciate the help and clarity which is what I was setting up I am new to audacity too lol and I’m sure will be returning here to learn more. Appreciate all here and hope you have a niCe weekend; here it’s Saturday still. Thank you for the links and the discussion, all helpful. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

ACX Check isn’t the only pre-baked tool. We also publish the Audiobook Mastering Suite which forces RMS (Loudness) and Peaks, two of the three ACX sound specificatons. If you recorded well in a quiet, echo-free room, you may be done.

That’s the exhaustive college course. All that boils down to three tools.

And, after you get really going, there’s a Macro or shortcut that can reduce those down to one step.


All these gymnastics are only so you can pass the physical/electrical file tests. After that’s settled, you also have to pass ACX Human Quality Control. That’s where they find out if your voice scares the horses. That’s as far as I got. They didn’t much like my lip smacks and mouth noises.

I still have the day job.


I haven’t submitted anything to acx yet I am new at voice acting and I’m helping my father and I have another income source…

I didn’t hear the words: “I have a published book on Amazon.” You will need that. The audobook submission process checks for that right at the beginning.


Oh; well my father is published but I am not and I don’t know if he has anything on Amazon. Thank you for the knowledge. I must’ve missed this major detail. Well I guess I should start the self publishing process on Amazon then. I have been writing for a few years now but not published yet. This was another project but I guess it’s one way of putting it on the front burner. Thank you thank you. All information has been remarkably helpful. Ft.

I don’t know if he has anything on Amazon.

The “anything” is what you’ll be reading. Your audiobook will be in association with your “real” book.

They don’t let you easily side-step this.

Screen Shot 2021-08-14 at 15.23.46.png

Hey it sounds like you had a very negative experience that let you down with Amazon and acx; I appreciate the Information nonetheless and pray that you have some of your dreams come true. Also I pray that you will have inner peace about all the gymnastics you performed with no real fruition. I however don’t let others tie me into anything without adequate knowledge…I hope it gets better for you. And I hope you find God who can deliver us from all tormenting spirits. He can also get you approved on Amazon with an audience- and make sure you pass sound checks. I’ll pray this for you, that you won’t be bitter towards others who maybe looking for guidance. And that your heart is not bitter. If you don’t believe then I will pray that you do. All in all if a demon is real. So is Jesus, they respond to his name. Many atheists are blinded to their own bondage also in the tech field. However I have all the knowledge I need at this point. Thanks for your help. God bless and thx!