Help with new turntable to play my records on iMac

Greetings, this is all greek to me. i have tried sony but they gave me sound forge for mac and audacity as recommendations. all i want to know is how to play my records thru the iMac and put it on my iTunes. Will greatly appreciate any answers. cheers.

Assuming it’s a USB turntable please read: .

Note that if you want to play records through the Mac without recording them, you must turn on a couple of controls in Audacity. First, turn on Transport > Software Playthrough. Second, turn on monitoring by clicking in the red recording meter. If you don’t hear any audio playing through, get LineIn from .


Thanks Gale for your response will give it a go.

Tried it gale and tried the steps in the link as well with the steps and it still didn’t work for me. Cheers.

Sorry but then you will have to start giving more details.

What is the make and model number of the turntable?

Did you get through ? Tell us how far you got so we know which step doesn’t work. Describe the symptoms of the problem for us in as much detail as you can.


Hi Gale, I tried the play through and downloading the plug in. I tried doing this link for just listening to the record player. . it is a sony PS LX300USB. i have osx 10.9 for my mac. on the audacity window i have built-in output, usb audio codec, 2(stereo). Transport play through has a check mark. i got no playing sound so it is no good just clicking willy nilly for me as i won’t know what i did to make it worse or better. i don’t know what it all means. cheers.

This set of Tutorials in the Manual may help:

These workflow ones should be usefule too:



If those are the second, third and fourth boxes in Device Toolbar , that should be OK.

Click in the recording meter (the right-hand meter) to monitor. Click on the microphone icon, or in the recording meter bars:

To make sure you have done that, right-click over the recording meter. if it is monitoring it should say “Stop Monitoring”.

If you prefer to use LineIn, click its “Pass Thru” button.


greetings Gale, i have core audio built-in Output USB AUDIO CODEC i have play through checked in the transport toolbar menu.

I have line in Input from Built-In Input: Line In
Output to Built-in Output: Internal Speakers

I really don’t know what else i can do. I think I will have to see if i can physically talk to someone. Cheers Gale.

Try setting the the LineIn input to USB Audio CODEC.