Help with my guitar recording. static playback

I hooked up my MUSTANG amp to audacity and it all works fine the sound plays but it has some really bad static. it only happens when I play my guitar in the playback audio. I doubt this is my amp because it works perfectly and its brand new. Is there any way to get rid of static from my guitar playback? I tried with the noise removal effect but nothing worked.
Help would be really appreciated thank you.

MUSTANG amp to audacity

There’s a lot of steps in the middle. Which connection on the amp? What’s the model number? Which kind of computer do you have and which connection on the computer did you use?

You can’t hook anything to the Mic-In of your laptop other than a microphone.

The connection is usually mono, not stereo and it overloads very easily leading to crunchy, snapping sound.

We usually recommend a stereo to USB interface like the UCA202 or equivalent.

Did I hit it?


I’ts connected via USB because the amp comes with an USB port. The guitar is new too and everything. its just the playback audio that has all static

I’ts connected via USB because the amp comes with an USB port.

Good to know.

When you’re recording, do you keep the volumes so the blue waves fit and the red recording meters never go all the way up?

A good way to get snapping in your USB recording is go through a USB hub. USB audio devices must have a home run to the computer.