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I am new on this forum and I haven’t any experience with forums in general, so I am really sorry if I post this in wrong corner of this forum. xD
So, I have next situation:
I have cut audio from movie (I will attach that file) and I have desire to isolate that horn sound from it. There is also other sounds in background like army march sound, and I would like to remove it or to reduce it somehow.
Is that possible with Audacity? Any hints are more than welcome! :slight_smile:

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That mp3 is completely distorted because it’s way too loud…

Export as wav, without any added amplification, normalisation, limiting or compressing. Or any other editing. Then post again, please.

You can’t “unmix” a recording.

I was able to reduce some of the background sounds with low-pass filter. (Choose Classic Filters from the effects menu.) I used a 6th order 4000Hz low pass filter. That was just a guess, so experiment to see if you can do better.

You can simply delete the clicking noise at the beginning before the horn starts.

Thank you for answers! :slight_smile:

I am pretty nobbie in this program, how should I do that? This is source file I got, how should I remove amplification, normalisation, limiting or compressing? I know this already exist in Effects card in program, but what kind of parameters should I use? For example, normalisation is ok, I know that it eliminate DC component, it could only be used once on file, but how to use amplification or compressing? Effect/Amplify or Effect/Compressor, but how should I look on those parameters and their values? Also about limiting, where is that? Leveling? I will really appreciate if you could explain me in detail or hint me somehow. :nerd:

I presumed that, just that reduction is something which I am curious about. :slight_smile:

I have tried to use filtering, but when I go on Effect/Low Pass Filter, I just can choose cutoff frequency and Rolloff, but I don’t know how to adjust order of filter. How you did you choose order of filter? Don’t mind me if this is stupid or non logical question, I have just installed today Audacity, so I am pretty noobie here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have tried with noise reduction at start before that horn, and it worked fine, but it degrade audio in post seconds. I know that degradation must exist in this case, but it sound really weird. I have used noise reduction more then once (on whole durating of audio) of that part before horn, so I have eliminated it before horn, but later it degraded audio. Did I do that wrong (that reduction in multiple times on whole signal from noise recognition of that part before horn)? :unamused:

I’m a recordist, so I start presuming you can record again. If that’s the source you have and you can’t record again, it’s what you have to work with.

You can’t undo amplification and the rest. I only mentioned it because a lot of people try to “enhance” their recordings before posting. I can’t imagine a movie having so little dynamics, so I’m guessing it’s a Youtube download.

Personally, I’d never refer to a YT download as a “recording”, but a lot of people do. You used the term “extracted”, which is very much more correct.

Gain reduction works, but it won’t bring back the dynamics (especially in a movie). There are dynamic expanders that work more or less for some music, but not for voice or movie sound. And not a lot of people use these, because they often sound funny.

Let’s see if we can suggest something from a sample.

So what is your suggestion? :slight_smile:
I have cut audio from standard movie file, it is not from Youtube.
Also how should I select filter order? I have asked Dvddoung above, but he propably didn’t see post. :slight_smile:
I have a question also, how should I analyse ploted Spectrum? I know in basic, but when I got sample like this one, it there any sense to look at it?

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Doug was probably assuming you are using the current Audacity 2.1.1. Please always begin a topic by giving your Audacity version and version of Windows. See the pink panel at the top of the page.

In 2.1.1 Classic Filters is not enabled by default. Use Effect > Manage… to enable Classic Filters. See Audacity Manual.

Low Pass Filter has rolloff settings rather than “order”. A first order filter’s response rolls off at −6 dB per octave , a second order filter decreases at −12 dB per octave, a third order at −18 dB and so on. So to apply a sixth order Low Pass, choose a rolloff of -36 dB.


If I start in future new topic because of some new problem, I will always start with version of Audacity and Windows. Yes, I am using Audacity 2.1.1 and Windows 7 Ultimate.
Thanks for guide and hint. :slight_smile:

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