HELP!!! With movie track...

Hi. I would like to know, wether I can make a differentiated audio file of a movie, with different audio tracks for bass, dialogues, ambient and movie-music, like in a dolby audio system.
A short explanation: I have 2 copies of a movie in 2 different languages, one with bad video, the other in HD (but both with excellent audio). I want to isolate the audio of the bad video movie and put it into the good movie. I managed it to import the movie into Audacity, but I have 7 audio tracks (2 are left and right ambient sounds, 1 is the dialogue, 1 the subwoofer track, 2 the left and right movie music). These files are all mono. I putted the double files into stereo but there is still the dialogue and the subwoofer. If I want to export the entire file, it gets all mixed into a mono track… Is there a possibility to export the whole thing without loosing the stereo effect?
Thanks for help!! :slight_smile:

Choose “Use Custom Mix” in Import / Export Preferences .