Help with Mixer and Audacity

1 - How do I listen to Audacity tracks through my mixer? I would like to plug my headphones into my mixer and listen to audacity tracks that way because:

2 - My headphones don’t work when I plug them into my laptop if the mixer is also plugged into the laptop. When the mixer is plugged in, no sound comes through the headphones, Audacity and everything else. How do I fix this? Also, when the mixer is plugged in, Audacity tracks DO play through my speakers, but my computer does not allow me to adjust the sound. I’ll turn the volume up and down but the output remains the same.

Mixer: Behringer XENYX 802

Thank you for any help. I may not be able to respond tonight if I fall asleep, but I will try to respond tomorrow to any suggestions or questions.

Do you have the 802, or the 802-USB?


Oh wow I didn’t know there was a difference. I have the 802 USB apparently

If you do have the 802-USB, you should be connected to the computer with a USB cable…and nothing else.

Configure Audacity so the Behringer is listed as both record and playback. In the Behringer USB/2-Track section, select To Phones/Control-Room and Not To Main Mix.

Plug your headphones into the mixer and you should be able to hear both Audacity playback in stereo and the mixer show in stereo.

If you’re trying to overdub there is a serious setup you need to go through to make sure you don’t get echoes and bad track matching.


Yeah the mixer is connected to the laptop with just a usb cable. Thank you for the very detailed suggestions!! I will try all of this when i get back from work this evening.

Hey, thanks for the advice! I did not know the solution could be so easy. I can now hear the track in Audacity through the mixer. All of this is new to me, so I am relieved. Do you know if that overdub tutorial would provide me with a way to hear and record my voice on top of another track?