help with LADSPA plugins

Hi , I am looking for some help with ladspa plugin instalation. I am on a Linux Mint 20 Mate system with Audacity 2.4.2 installed via the Linux Software Manager. I have also installed ladspa plugins from the Linux Software Manager. the files are in the right location @ /usr/lib/ladspa , in Audacity preferences effects the ladspa effects are enabled by default.

as far as I can tell everything is in the right place but none of the plugins are listed in the add/remove plugins “Manage Plugins” dialogue.

I am pretty new to Linux the Audacity documentation for ladspa plugins says Audacity should look in the folder @ /usr/lib/ladspa , but that is not what seems to be happening.

in Windows I would try putting the plugin files into the Audacity Plugins folder but in Linux it is not drag and drop easy so I don’t really know what to try.

the plugin package I installed is listed in the software manager as “Swh-plugins” - Steve Harris’s LADSPA Plugins

I thought I would try the forum in case it is a simple known problem with a simple solution. any help would be appreciated.

Is that a Snapcraft version of Audacity? If so, then the problem is probably because due to sandboxing.

The version of Audacity that is a “normal” installation (not Snapcraft or Flatpak) for Ubuntu 20 based systems, is Audacity 2.3.3-1build1. It is available for installation via Apt.

I’ve just looked in the Ubuntu Software Center and I see that the first option for Audacity is a Snapcraft (Audacity 2.4.2).

At the bottom of the list is the proper “deb” repository version (Audacity 2.3.3-1build1). Use this version.

Unless you have installed snapd on Linux Mint, it’s likely that Audacity at version 2.4.2 will have been installed as a flatpak.

This flatpak doesn’t install any plugins by default. You can install a flatpak containing both LADSPA and LV2 format plugins with the following flatpak: