Help With Kam USBH100!!!!!!

Hi there, I have recently purchased the KAM USB H100 device which enables me to record from 12’', mixer etc… via USB to Audacity.

I have a slight problem in that it tells me to connect the recording device i.e. Phono Inputs to the device then connect the USB to my laptop and select the USB device in the Audio I/O Menu.

However the USB option doesnt appear on these menus??? It shows a red light on the device showing its connected but i just cant seem to get Audacity to acknowledge the device?

Can anyone help??? (I have tried two laptops and all the available USB sockets).

Very frustrating!!!



The USB device must be connected to the computer and recognised by the operating system before you open Audacity.

If you are using Vista you need to check in the Windows Control Panel that it is available as a recording device (see here: ). Again, do this before opening Audacity.

When you open Audacity it should then be available in “Edit menu > Preferences > Audio I/O”

Cheers steve just tried what you suggested ans still nothing, all that appears in the control panel menu and microphone and Stereo Mix.

The power light shows on the USB but the laptop (Samsung R510 with Windows Vista) just doesnt seem to recognise it?

Any further help?



Have you checked in the Windows Control Panel as per the link?

yep everything done as per the Link mate, doesnt seem to be anything else there either enabled or disabled!

–“Computer interface USB 1.1 WINDOWS XP or MAC OSX”–

That’s from the web site.

Most modern production equipment uses USB 2.0 or 2.2. The drivers and support software for this device may stop at Windows XP.


The light shows that it is getting power from your computer, but Vista is not recognising it.
That would suggest that either it is not supported by Vista, or it is faulty.

I would try a 2 pronged approach -
Contact the manufacturer (Service enqiuiries) via their web site .
Contact the place that you bought it from and complain that it doesn’t work.

Thanks for your help on this Steve. I’m having this problem too and I took your steps and vista still wont recognize it. Is there any other solutions. Maybe if I upgrade to windows 7? Thanks.


As a guess I would say that if Vista does not recognise or support it then there is even less chance that it will be supported by Windows 7.
Have you tried contacting the manufacturer to see if any special drivers are required for Vista?