Help with Inconsistencies?

I was wondering with the Automatic Recovery option, it says audacity has found inconsistencies
Does this mean that there are inconsistencies in the Audio file? Should i just restart what i was doing?
Help very much appreciated

If you click Help > Show Log… top right of Audacity you can see a list of those inconsistencies. Usually the inconsistencies will be listed as “Orphan block files”. Orphan files are files that are in the _data or temporary folder for the project but not listed in the “AUTOSAVE” temporary project file Audacity is recovering from.

Orphan files should be harmless in most cases. They are usually files that were meant for undoing and redoing changes, but because the project was not closed normally, Audacity could not clean those files up as it normally would.

So I recommend you look at the log and take a listen to the project. If the log shows missing files these are more serious and will likely lead to silences in the project.

Do you have the latest Audacity 2.1.2 from Is Audacity or the computer crashing a lot?

If just one project is crashing, export it as a WAV file or files then import the files into a new project and save it as a new name. That should fix the crashes.


Thanks for the help, i think it is my copy of Audacity crashing
My biggest concern was just having inconsistencies in the file
like maybe some distortion or something but it seems fine, just wanted to know if crashing caused something like this

Audacity should not be regularly crashing in the first place. That is what you need to address. Try installing or reinstalling 2.1.2 from but half way through the installation, choose the option box to “Reset Preferences”. When you launch Audacity after installation, say yes when it asks if you want to reset Preferences.