Help with fixing mixing audio file when exporting

How do I change the setting to where before you export (save an audio file) it says do you want to automatically mix the audios together, or something like that. How do I undo that, i find it hard to change up my bars when I’m going over a bit, because it’s all mixed in as one, so its hard to redo a verse.

You can reset Audacity’s warnings / messages by resetting Audacity’s configuration: “Tools menu > Reset Configuration”.

To retain separate tracks, “Save” the project.
To make an ordinary audio file (mixed down to mono or stereo), “Export” the project.

Maybe you want MUTE or Control+MUTE all the tracks you don’t want in the mix. Export Normally.

Or Select or Control+Select the tracks you do want in the mix and File > Export > Export Selected.


Import/Export options can be adjusted at Edit > Preferences > Import/Export.

Control over which warnings are displayed can be set at Edit > Preferences > Warnings.

I hope this helps. :smiley: