Help with File that has a bug-can't open

I have Windows 10 enterprise and Audacity version 3.0.2.

I was working on a project and added my music for my podcast. When that happened, the program froze. I had to exit out and when Audacity recovered it, I clicked on it, but it freezes up every time. It reads that the “Audacity cross-platform sound editor is not responding”. Please help!! I tried to attach the file, but it reads that it is too big to attach.

If you are on 3.0.2, I would suggest downloading and installing 3.1.3 - this corrects bugs in 3.0.2 which might be causing the problem.

It is also possible that you simply didn’t give it enough time. However, I don’t want to second guess what you did; I would try updating the software first.

If the 3.1.3 update doesn’t work, you could try using the corrupted file recovery procedure here:

Thank you, the new version fixed the problem, luckily. Thank you!!