Help With Faint Conversation Audio Cleanup?

Firstly, I’m running Audacity on Windows XP. There’s p2p(? fairly sure thats name) conversation that has been driving me crazy, I’m not inherently super savvy with especially newer technology and I’m wondering about any quick tutorials or specific methods to help clean up faint audio. I have many large recorded samples and before I messed around with them myself and botched em I thought I’d ask for help.

It’s verging on torturous and this would be the last piece of a big headache to let me take legal action. If anyone would be willing walk me through it personally, pm me and I can share recordings with you. I’ve got it to the point of being audible to most naked ears before but it was with very small samples. Any help would be MUCH appreciated. Thank you thank you in advance for any help you can give. God bless.

There’s usually not much you can do… Your brain is usually the best “filter”. The problem is, that the voice covers a wide range of frequencies and most real-world noise covers the same range.

There are professionals that do “audio forensics”, but the kind of things they do on TV and in movies (where they pull a conversation out of crowd noise at a party, etc.) is pure science fiction.

You can use the Amplify effect to make the recording louder but the noise will increase too. You can use Equalization to reduce the lowest & highest frequencies (below around 200 Hz and above 5000Hz) that are outside of the normal voice range, and to boost the “main” voice frequencies (around 300-500Hz). Boosting the higher frequencies (maybe 5000Hz and above) can bring-out the “T” & “S” sounds.

to let me take legal action.

You should consult a lawyer. An altered recording probably isn’t admissible in court. (The unaltered recoding may not be admissible either.)