Help with extension.

Hola, al guardar la cancion editada en mp3, al exportar el audio no me lo guarda con la etension .mp3´tengo que escrivirla de manera manual. podrian ayudarme? y en modo de canal que es mejor estereo unido o estereo para que sea igual a la original???


Hi, when saving the song edited in mp3, exporting the audio does not save it to me with the ethension .mp3’I have to write it manually. Could you help me? And in channel mode it is better attached stereo or stereo to be like the original ???


Does your File > Export Audio panel look like this (although probably in French)?
Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 19.55.50.png
Did you install the lame software? Audacity will not export an MP3 sound file without adding the lame custom software.

Scroll down to LAME MP3 Encoder.


Instructions en français sur la façon d’installer le LAME (mp3 encoder) dans Audacity …

… Servez-vous du bouton «Téléchargement» pour localiser la bibliothèque LAME dont Audacity a besoin pour
exporter en MP3.

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What version of Audacity are you using? Please give us all three numbers from Help > About Audacity… . If you are using a version older than the current 2.1.2 release, and the file name you want to save as contains a dot, yes you must add .MP3 to the end of the file name. Of course, you must have installed LAME and you must have chosen MP3 Files as the export format.

In 2.1.2 you can “usually” just type the name you want with the dot and not add .MP3 to the end. It depends what text follows the dot. If the text after the dot looks like a common file extension, Audacity will still question it, and you will still have to add .MP3 to the end.

I assume you are asking about “Joint Stereo”. Joint Stereo is the default and preferred choice. For more information, see


ok! thank you, the problem with the extension .mp3 is solved.

About the option canal mode, what is better? stereo? or stereo united? what is more fidelly to original track?

See the link I posted. In most cases, “Joint Stereo” gives the better and more-efficiently coded result.