Help with equalization


I’m using Audacity 2.1.1 on Windows XP and have made a .wav file of a drum sound I got off the Internet. It has some hiss at the end of it so I’m trying to EQ it out, going to Effect and then Equalization and clicking Graphic EQ. I can adjust the sliders with no problem and click OK which takes me back to the main window. But when I go back to the EQ window to make more adjustments the sliders have all gone back to the original flat position, even though I did click OK. Is there some other trick to getting it to retain the settings that I’m missing?

Thank you for any help!

You can preview the effect without losing your settings. There is a Save/Manage Presets button if you want to save those settings and use them again .

Thank you for the reply! Mine says Save/Manage Curves, not Presets, if that means anything. I did manage to save a test curve, but it doesn’t just remember it when I go from the main window back to the EQ window. I have to re-select it each time. In the utube video here:

the guy is bouncing back and forth from the main window back to the EQ window and it remember his changes each time. What’s different about my situation and is there a way to change it?

A common problem with YouTube tutorials for Audacity is that they rarely tell you which version of Audacity they are using, and usually it’s an old/obsolete version.
That video is using an old version that does not have the “Manage” button that is now common to all built-in effects ( Unfortunately this does not yet work properly in the Equalization effect, so to save curves you need to use the old “Save/Manage” method.

If I recall correctly, that’s a bug in the Audacity 2.1.1 version of this effect. I think that bug has been fixed in Audacity 2.1.2, but unfortunately there are still some problems in this effect.

Generally I would recommend using the “Draw” option rather than the “Graphic” option. The Draw option is more flexible and allows greater control, but also it’s less buggy than the “Graphic”.

Thank you guys for your replys! Even with whatever bugs I think Audacity is a GREAT program, and I’d like to learn more about the things it’s capable of. After the last post I made here I found out about Fade Out. At this point my impression is that we can highlight the section we want to have fade, choose Fade Out, and it will do so. Is that correct? It seemed to work. For example I had trimmed a bass drum .wav but at the end of it there was a click sound, and it really messed up the whole idea. Then I highlit the last little bit of it and selected Fade Out, and then the click was gone :smiley: Can anyone suggest some good youtube videos or any other good sources that clearly explain how to use some of the other features? That one alone is fantastic from my pov!

Thanks again for your help!!!

The one that we know is accurate and up to date is … the manual (
(also available via the Help menu in Audacity).